Chikuhodo Z series

What better place to start writing about Fude brushes than the coveted Chikuhodo Z Series!

Z Series is Chikuhodo’s premium line consisting of eleven brushes, nine of which are made from 100% squirrel hair (Z-1 Powder, Z-2 Highlight, Z-3 Contour, Z-4 Cheek, Z-5 Eye Shadow, Z-8 Cheek, Z-9 Powder, Z-10 Eye Pointed, Z-11 Eye Blending), one from racoon hair (Z-6 Eyebrow), and one from weasel hair (Z-7 Lip). Currently, I own the Z-1 Powder brush and the Z-11 Eye Blending brush.

Chikuhodo Z Series makeup brushes Z1 and Z11
Chikuhodo Z1 Powder Brush and Z11 Eye Blending Brush (Click to open a larger photo)

The Z-1 Powder brush is arguably the queen of Fude brushes, universally adored by the Fude lovers. Though, those who prefer a pinched ferrule and therefore a flat shape, might say that the Z-9 Powder should take that spot! The Z-1 Powder has a rounded ferrule and packs a lot of squirrel hair, which gives it a really nice body with a good density and bounce (this is not that typical for squirrel brushes, which tend be on the floppier side). Needless to say, it feels heavenly soft as its silky-smooth bristles glide across the skin. Its intended use is for a finishing powder, to give your face that polished, smooth, perfected look. However, it could also be used for colored products, such as bronzers and blushes. Personally, I would not recommend this brush to be used for setting liquid or cream foundations, as the squirrel hair could easily clump up from that extra moisture and grease. This means the brush would need to be washed far more often than what is advised for a delicate squirrel hair. When powder products are used over an already set face, the brush can be easily dusted off on a microfiber cloth. This should promote longevity of this expensive brush.

The Z-11 Eye Blending is an eye-blending brush with a typical rounded and tapered shape. It has a good amount of bristles, giving it a nice density and blending ability, especially for a squirrel brush. Whether or not this blending brush will be perfect for you is difficult to predict because everyone has different preferences in terms of brush size, density, and taper (pointedness). That being said, the brush has stellar reviews on all retailer web sites. What I can also say is that the brush is exquisitely soft, which means it should work even for people with sensitive eyelids and creases. Another point to consider is that the brush is relatively short. This makes it more suitable for working on yourself (without hitting the mirror!) than working on others.

What else is there to say about the Chikuhodo Z Series other than that these brushes exceeded my expectations and I am definitely craving for more of the series! If you have been eyeing some of these brushes, it would be probably best to get them sooner rather than later because Fude prices (of squirrel brushes in particular) are constantly increasing. Chikuhodo had a substantial price hike in February 2022, so hopefully the prices will remain stable at least for a while now.

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